Three generations have passed, and A Mão Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...
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Iley Sevilha
My mother had a stroke in May, 2004. Since then she is in A Mão Branca, for more or less 6 years and a half.

My mother was always a dynamic happy woman, she cooked extremely well, used to make candles herself, painted textiles, made trinkets and painted plaster statues. She loved to sing and dance, was a beautiful woman who cared a lot about her appearance. When my mother had a stroke, she stayed in the ICU and it was a sad surprise for all of us.

Before finding A Mão Branca, I’ve personally visited 20 institutions with my father, who is now 89 years old. We made our decision. My mother arrived here without saying anything, with sad eyes, lost and fearful. We were lovely, calmly and kindly welcomed, and this made my mother react with laughter and self-confidence.

Now my mother gives good laughs, is under speech therapy and physiotherapy, participates in activities, trips and is cherished by all individuals that make A Mão Branca the institution that it is nowadays. My mother had a good improvement within her limitations. Her eyes are calm, peaceful, serene and full of love. I come every day in the afternoon to see my mother for these 6 years and a half and I never missed one visit. The family has to play their role with the resident, filling him or her with love and affection.
(Daughter) Mariley Fervilho

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