Three generations have passed, and A Mão Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...
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Zizi - Maria José
My name is Maria José, but everybody calls me Zizi.

I had a twin sister and when we were 2 years old, we had poliomyelitis. Sadly, my sister passed away and I became quadriplegic.

My mom always took good care of me and even with my limitations, I was happy. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in 2007.

Then I asked my nephews to look for a shelter for me. They visited many institutions and decided to take me to A Mão Branca, because they thought it was a cozy place.

I never thought that I would find such a nice place, where I make my handicrafts and am involved with many other activities. Today I feel more dynamic and happier than when I lived at home.

I keep my relationship with my family and go out with them every weekend.
Here I’ve met a wonderful man and he taught that it is never too late to fall in love.

I’ve started dating him and for the first time I felt loved by the opposite sex.

I thank God for A Mão Branca.

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