Three generations have passed, and A Mão Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...
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My name is Natalina, I am 91 years old and have two children. I am a widow for more or less 25 years. In 1995 the son with whom I used to live decided to travel with his wife. Then he left me for one month in A Mão Branca. I fitted very well and participated in all activities; I really enjoyed the trips. I specially loved to live together with people of my age.

When my son returned from his travel, he came to pick me up, but I no longer wanted to live with him. I said that I was doing well in here and that I’d like to continue to live in A Mão Branca.

He didn’t accept my decision, because I already had a family and home, therefore, he thought that I didn’t have to live in an institution. So even against my will he took me back. I was really upset and decided to do a hunger strike at home.

Then my son understood that the best for me was to go back to the institution, where I live happily since then.

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