Three generations have passed, and A M„o Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...

My name is Hugo and I am 98 years old. I am a retired bank clerk, was married for more or less 67 years and have a very loving son.

I live in A M„o Branca for about 6 years.

I came to the institution because I lost my wife and was living alone. I felt lonely and a little isolated from the world, even with the frequent visits of my son. Therefore, my son and I decided that I should try to live in A M„o Branca for some time to see if I could get used to it.

I was observed in my first days and didnít feel depressed. I only missed what Iíve left behind.

Along the days, I began to adjust myself and then understood that nothing that Iíve left behind fulfilled my needs. I started to feel confident as helpful, kind and loving employees surrounded me.

I found here one way to get back to life with good friends to expand my ideas and remember the good youth times.
I maintained the habit of listening to good music, reading poetry and telling my life experiences to young people.

I feel protected, loved and calm, because I know that my son has no concerns, as I am in an excellent place.

Iley Sevilha
My mother had a stroke in May, 2004. Since then she is in A M„o Branca, for more or less 6 years and a half.

My mother was always a dynamic happy woman, she cooked extremely well, used to make candles herself, painted textiles, made trinkets and painted plaster statues. She loved to sing and dance, was a beautiful woman who cared a lot about her appearance. When my mother had a stroke, she stayed in the ICU and it was a sad surprise for all of us.

Before finding A M„o Branca, Iíve personally visited 20 institutions with my father, who is now 89 years old. We made our decision. My mother arrived here without saying anything, with sad eyes, lost and fearful. We were lovely, calmly and kindly welcomed, and this made my mother react with laughter and self-confidence.

Now my mother gives good laughs, is under speech therapy and physiotherapy, participates in activities, trips and is cherished by all individuals that make A M„o Branca the institution that it is nowadays. My mother had a good improvement within her limitations. Her eyes are calm, peaceful, serene and full of love. I come every day in the afternoon to see my mother for these 6 years and a half and I never missed one visit. The family has to play their role with the resident, filling him or her with love and affection.
(Daughter) Mariley Fervilho

Josť Pazzotti
My name is Josť Pazzotti, I worked as a student inspector in Universidade de S„o Paulo and lost my wife in 2005. I didnít want to live with my children, so I decided to live alone, but I felt really lonely and wanted to have contact with other people.

Then I asked my oldest son to look for an institution where I could live in. Among several places, he chose A M„o Branca.

It was a long time until I fitted in, although the staff always gave me the necessary attention. I insisted in participating in all activities, trips and parties, and then I realized that the institution provided me with many situations that I didnít experience at home.

Now kind persons surround me, I live in a wonderful place Ė Actually, it is a five-star hotel for me.

My happiness is even more complete because Iíve found a new love and I am dating Zizi for over a year. I am mad about her.

My name is Natalina, I am 91 years old and have two children. I am a widow for more or less 25 years. In 1995 the son with whom I used to live decided to travel with his wife. Then he left me for one month in A M„o Branca. I fitted very well and participated in all activities; I really enjoyed the trips. I specially loved to live together with people of my age.

When my son returned from his travel, he came to pick me up, but I no longer wanted to live with him. I said that I was doing well in here and that Iíd like to continue to live in A M„o Branca.

He didnít accept my decision, because I already had a family and home, therefore, he thought that I didnít have to live in an institution. So even against my will he took me back. I was really upset and decided to do a hunger strike at home.

Then my son understood that the best for me was to go back to the institution, where I live happily since then.

Zizi - Maria Josť
My name is Maria Josť, but everybody calls me Zizi.

I had a twin sister and when we were 2 years old, we had poliomyelitis. Sadly, my sister passed away and I became quadriplegic.

My mom always took good care of me and even with my limitations, I was happy. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in 2007.

Then I asked my nephews to look for a shelter for me. They visited many institutions and decided to take me to A M„o Branca, because they thought it was a cozy place.

I never thought that I would find such a nice place, where I make my handicrafts and am involved with many other activities. Today I feel more dynamic and happier than when I lived at home.

I keep my relationship with my family and go out with them every weekend.
Here Iíve met a wonderful man and he taught that it is never too late to fall in love.

Iíve started dating him and for the first time I felt loved by the opposite sex.

I thank God for A M„o Branca.


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