Three generations have passed, and A Mão Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...
José and Maria José (Zizi) during the handicraft classes: Contagious happiness

There are several options of culture and entertainment in A Mão Branca. Here, the elderly have access to a daily schedule comprising activities suggested by themselves, such as: Gymnastics, bingo, movie sessions (with popcorn), musical concerts, beside photography classes, handicraft, embroidery, crochet, confections, trinket making, painting, choir, among others.

The volunteers help making the routine more exciting with musical concerts, games and by organizing parties. Actually, there is party all the time in A Mão Branca. The monthly birthday celebrations are expected with huge anticipation, but there are also the special celebrations, such as June Festival, Christmas party...

Unlike many people may imagine, life in a home for elderly can be really exciting. In A Mão Branca the schedule includes weekly visits to the fair (to have a traditional pastel and sugarcane juice) and bimonthly visits to the supermarket, as well as travels and tours, assuring fun for everybody.

Instead of loneliness, company. Instead of boredom, a varied schedule assisted by qualified and cheerful professionals: This is the routine of the elderly in A Mão Branca.

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