Three generations have passed, and A Mão Branca has renewed itself every generation according to the Geriatrics and Gerontology developments of that time. Today, in the dawn of a new century, and after achieving excellence treating elderly and providing loving care ...
Playing foosball is an exciting activity for José. And for his friends, the greatest advantage is to live in such a happy place.

Health and security are major concerns in A Mão Branca, but they are not the only ones. Leisure and wellness are highly valued, therefore the building comprises spaces designed to meet the needs and wishes of the guests, comprising:

- Playroom;
- Church;
- Chapel;
- Library;
- TV rooms;
- Video rooms;
- Dining halls;
- Gourmet room;
- Beauty parlor;
- Cozy apartments (that can be single, double or triple).

Besides, the concern with accessibility is all around, assuring the movement of individuals in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

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